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As part of a standard mesh network of Motes, the MDA300’s easy
access micro-terminals also make it an economical solution for a variety of ap- plications and a key component in the next generation of low-cost
wireless weather stations. Data logging and display is supported via MEMSIC’s MoteView user interface.
MEMSIC’s MoteView software is de- signed to be the primary interface between a user and a deployed net- work of wireless sensors. MoteView provides an intuitive user interface to database management along with sensor data visualization and analysis tools. Sensor data can be logged to a database residing on a host PC.

Description Mote Data Acquisition Board
Compatibility LOTUS, TelosB, IRIS, MICA
Sensor Types Humidity, Temp, GPIO, Analog, Actuator
  • Multi-function data acquisition board with temp and humidity sensors
  • Compatible with MoteView driver support
  • Up to 11 channels of 12-bit analog input
  • Onboard sensor excitation and high-speed counter
  • Convenient micro-terminal screw connections
  • Event detection interrupt
  • 64K EEPROM for sensor calibration data
  • External I2C interface
  • 2 relay channels, one normally open and one normally closed
  • Environmental Data Collection
  • Agricultural and Habitat Monitoring
  • Viticulture and Nursery Management
  • HVAC Instrumentation and Control
  • General Data Collection and Logging