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The Cricket Mote is a location aware version of the popular MICA2 low-power Processor/Radio module. The Cricket Mote includes all of the standard MICA2 hardware and an ultrasound transmitter and receiver. This device uses the combination of RF and ultrasound technologies to establish differential time of arrival and hence linear range estimates.

WSN Platform MICA
Application Location Tracking
Processor Atmel ATMega 128L, 8bit
Speed 8 Mhz
RAM 4Kbytes
Radio Frequency Range 433 Mhz
Tx/Rx Integrated
Data Rate Fixed
  • High Performance MICA2 Wireless Location System
  • Ultrasound Transmitter and Receiver for Time of Flight Ranging
  • Centimeter Level Accuracy/Resolution with Decentralized and Scalable Operation
  • Embedded or External Antenna Option
  • Indoor Location System
  • Ubiquitous Computing
  • Asset and People Tracking
  • Ultrasound Location Research