MCS-KIT410CA MICA2 Cricket Developer's Kit- 433 MHz">

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The Cricket Developer’s Kit, MCS-KIT410CA, is an entry-level kit for Wireless Location System Development. It features MEMSIC’s MCS series Cricket Mote (MCS410CA). The MCS410CA is a location-aware version of MEMSIC’s popular MICA2 low-power Processor/Radio module. The MCS410CA includes all of the standard MICA2 hardware along with an ultrasound transmitter and receiver. The addition of this Ultrasound technology to existing RF devices allows the Cricket Mote to derive linear range estimates by establishing differential time of arrival between these two signals.

Description MICAz- 433MHz
Kit Type Professional
  • MICA2-Based Wireless Location Development System
  • Centimeter-Level Accuracy with Decentralized and Scalable Operation
  • Standard 51-Pin MICA2 Interface
  • TinyOS Cricket Software with Visualization Tools
  • Context-Aware Mobile Navigation Devices
  • Indoor Location Systems for Asset and Resource Tracking
  • Ubiquitous Computing